Speed Therapy: Sessions

How do you introduce an expanding line of performance vehicles to a broader audience—while simultaneously waging a war on the stress epidemic? You find a kickass stunt driver and surprise some seriously stressed-out individuals with a mood-boosting adrenaline rush (aka the ride of their lives).

In August of 2018, we did just that, capturing it all on camera and posting to Ford social channels. The single video—featuring an assortment of real people that ranged from moody teens to a mother of nine—became a runaway hit. Crowds loved it and clamored for more. The pressure was on to deliver, fast.

Date  2019

Client  Ford Performance

Cinema Trailer Video

We released a teaser trailer in theaters, addressing the group’s (sometimes hilariously aggro) demands and promising more Speed Therapy coming soon. Bryan Cranston lent his talents for the VO.

First Dates

Science says that a shared adrenaline rush can boost attraction. We played Cupid and put this theory to the test, setting people up on blind dates—that transformed into thrilling adventures.

Teachers + Donuts

Teaching ranks near the top for stress-inducing jobs. So we treated a group of hardworking Detroit high school teachers to some donuts—of the pastry and tire-shredding varieties.

Positive Thinking

We’ve all experienced our share of online trolls. But watch as these haters get a positive boost thanks to Speed Therapy—and a surprise meeting with Henry Ford III.

Facebook group

By now, it was becoming obvious that all these fans needed a dedicated place to get their fix. The official Speed Therapy Facebook group was born. In only a matter of months, the group numbered +4K members and included a large percentage of women—a remarkable achievement in the performance space. Speed Therapy was for everyone. Now we just needed more content to feed the crowd!



We connected to fans in the places they hang out.


Our stunt driver

This triple threat brings the personality, tire shredding precision and confidence to Speed Therapy. Stunt driver Crystal Hooks is one of the best in the business and maintains that southern charm and approachability that makes her so affable to all. 



Our brand identity needed to be as thrilling as our concept and work for both on-road and off-road. 

BTS photos