Global Redesign

1 design, 5 regions, 120+ markets, fully responsive and a lot of late nights. For over 300 million people around the world, is the face of Ford. It’s how they discover what Ford offers and what Ford stands for. 

China      Brazil      Australia   


Bend, don't break. 

A flexible enough homepage for each region to modify and re-order components so the site meets that market’s unique needs. The flexibility and Adobe AEM platform capabilities that have been added also enable individual markets to customize the page to support marketing goals.


Lincoln followed our lead utilizing the platform, UI/UX, development and ongoing innovations that allowed them to create their distinct Lincoln identity and continues to do so.


Let's get personal. 

We're watching you. Creepy, right? We try not to be but we do know that you were researching a Camaro on or that you were drooling over a Mustang on When you return to our homepage we can tailor our content towards your interests and needs.  


"Character Count" is a four letter word. 

Do you know what "A stampede of horsepower" is translated into Middle Eastern, Chinese or Spanish? Neither do I but our site is prepared and supports all languages. 


Navigate responsively. 

The amount of vehicles and content varies drastically from market to market. We designed a navigation that can accommodate the least to the most.  


Locate a Dealer. 

The goal of the redesign was to make finding the right dealer both very easy and very intuitive. To ensure that the redesign serves up information in the most useful way to consumers, we partnered with Google across all OEMs. 


Icons for an icon. 

Creating icons can be difficult, especially with so many opinions. When every icon needs to communicate at a global level, that's a fun challenge. 


Everything in one place. 

A one stop shop for everything Ford.xx. Our global site style guide is our lifeline to our fellow regions. Everything from fonts and colors to detailed component information. It's all about consistency around the globe.