Drive 4 UR School:
360° Test Drive

In the Fall of 2020, our team was asked to provide a solution to help the very successful Ford Drive 4 UR School Program to continue their test-drives in the middle of a global pandemic with potential customers reluctant to attend the in-person events.

D4URS works like this: For every valid test drive taken at a registered one-day event, Ford will donate $20 to the participating school or community organization up to $6,000 per event.

So how do we continue to get butts in seats, with limited time and budget, while at the same time making participants feel safe and secure from Covid 19? We were tasked to simulate it. The experience would need to look and feel like a real test drive, engage and encourage users with clear call to actions and simple user journeys, for them to take the steps necessary to redeem their precipitation donation.


Connect dealers with their communities.
Showcase the Ford product in a fun, engaging setting.
Raise funds for schools and charities.
Generate handraisers and leads.

Teaming up with the program leads and acquiring the help of our immersive innovation partner, SubVRsive, our creative team quickly devised a simple solution to the very difficult challenge – Creating a virtual 360° test drive experience which had never before been successfully achieved at a consumer level in the automotive industry. It would need to work on all devices with a light download, could not require an independent app, would need to live natively on the site page and also need to be portable so that it could be leveraged for other areas. 


Exterior 360°
After choosing one of the three vehicles the user is presented with an exterior 360° experience and must select at least 6 out of the 11 hotspots to continue on to the interior experience. Each hotspot contains either an image or video with feature information.  


interior 360°
Similar to the exterior the user must select at least 5 out of the 10 hotspots to continue on to the vehicle test drive experience.   


Virtual Test Drive 360°
In the last stage we place the user behind the wheel for a 2 minute test spin, but they’re not alone. A voice over acts as the vehicle specialist and explains all of the unique features and valuable information throughout the drive.    


31 virtual events were held in 5 cities and was considered a huge success. Though this was a pilot program and limited to a small budget that restricted us from pushing the experience in several areas, this was a steppingstone to further evolve and explore the next level of online vehicle test drives.  


 Total test-drives


 Total post-drive surveys completed


 Average test-drives per event


 Participants rated 4.5 of 5 stars